12 Best Lawn Aeration Services

Finally, remember to set expectations for your customers and educate them on when overseeding lawn will be necessary for their lawn. Visible signs that are simple to catch on their lawn are thatch, or dying grass, and brown patches.

Also, a method to find out if their lawn needs to be aerated is the screwdriver test. If they can easily put a screwdriver or shovel in their lawn’s soil, outside of potential thatch issues, their soil is fine and they can likely hold off on getting their lawn aerated. If your customer does this task with great difficulty, their soil likely needs to be aerated. Soil compaction blocks air, water and nutrients from reaching your customer’s lawn root systems. Ultimately this causes dead spots, patches and or thinning of the soil.

Foot traffic and compaction from machinery, such as lawn mowers, tend to compact our heavy clay soils leading to anaerobic soil conditions. What is it about core that makes it such a critical cultural practice? A basic list of benefits includes increased air and water percolation, alleviation of compaction, and an improved environment for beneficial soil microbes.