7 Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

That’s because grub treatments provides optimal seed-to-soil contact. In other words, the seeds will fall into the holes that were created rather than just sitting atop the soil. This will help ensure that your new grass has optimal growing conditions. Aeration also helps to break up thatch, which is a naturally-occurring, dead organic material that may be building where grass blades emerge at the soil line.

Constructed of a hub with attached paddles, these aerators are usually powered by a tractor power take-off , a gas engine, or an electric scott edgeguard spreader settings motor. Electricity forces the paddles to turn, churning the water and allowing oxygen transfer through air-water contact.

As each new section of water is churned, it absorbs oxygen from the air and then upon its return to the water, restores it to the water. In this regard paddlewheel aeration works very similarly to floating surface aerators. As we mentioned, aeration and overseeding are services that go hand-in-hand.