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Our professional Landscape Design team can create the landscaped yard of your dreams, on-time and within your budget. We offer many popular landscape design and installation options that not only improve the look of your lawn and home, but also add to the value of your property. These elements give your home true character and help it stand out from the other homes in your neighborhood. Since 1971, our goal has always been to treat each client with respect and to care for every yard with the utmost professionalism. Our level of experience has allowed us to design premium programs that yield the highest results. Ensure that your ornamental trees and shrubs are in premium condition all year round with our tree and shrub care services. From landscaped bed weed control to granular treatments to nurture the soil and roots of your plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, Farison Lawn Care has solutions to protect your investments.

Our landscaping professionals will also help you to select and install the perfect, trees, shrubs, and flowers to fit into your landscaping design and create the overall look you desire. As part of our landscaping services, we can maintain your existing landscaping in order to keep your property looking its best. Our landscaping maintenance services include trimming trees and shrubs, mulching beds, planting annual flowers, and maintaining plant and flower beds. We can also offer leaf removal and clean up services during the fall as well. We’re full service lawn, landscape maintenance, design and installation specialists!

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Grasses that are drought tolerant are better equipped to handle drought conditions requiring less frequent irrigation. Using smart watering practices will keep your landscape healthy and water use down. In addition to making landscapes attractive, mulch adds an extra layer between plant roots and air, helping to protect plants in a variety of ways. Mulch helps reduce evaporation, which allows soil to retain water longer and means plants require less frequent watering. Mulch also helps plants thrive by inhibiting weed growth, preventing soil erosion, and moderating soil temperature. This compact, no-turf landscape features edibles, drought-tolerant plants, and a unique patio of permeable crushed rock and cobalt recycled glass aggregate.

From sports fields, to residential landscapes, to commercial properties, the use of turfgrass may require irrigation to maintain a healthy, useable when to water lawn landscape. Regions with higher temperatures and lower than average rainfall can provide more stress to the grass, causing it to brown.

Hardscape choices often include mulch, wood decks and fences, and organically shaped pavers. We specialize in elegant landscaping and outdoor living, and are renowned for our dramatic, “better than TV” backyard transformations.We offer FREE consultations all year round. Replace mulch around shrubs and garden plants to help them retain moisture. Remove weeds and thatch as necessary so they don’t compete with your desired plants for water. Irrigating lawns has been a concern of water providers over the years due to the increased demand for water.West County & South County Tree Services Located In Fenton

Remove only a few limbs less than four inches in diameter when pruning every year. I like to take a few steps back periodically and look at the overall balance of the tree. The live crown on deciduous trees should make up 60 percent of the tree. If the trunk scott.com begins to go over 40 percent, the tree could become weakened. Most conifers can be balanced at a 50 percent crown and 50 percent trunk ration and still remain strong and healthy. Properly pruned tree branches form a callus where the removed branch once was.

Crown reduction is a tree pruning method generally used on older, more mature trees. It can help strengthen best time to water yard the tree and encourage new growth. Crown reduction removes a tree branch back to a growing lateral branch.

When the growing season begins in the spring, this lateral branch will become part of the new tree crown. I consider this method a gentler alternative to tree topping. There are smaller cuts, less of the crown is removed and plenty of old growth remains for structure. While crown thinning is performed to reduce limbs and foliage, the goal of crown reduction is to remove old growth while encouraging new. Crown raising lifts the bottom edge of tree limbs up to clear for traffic, buildings or a view. This tree pruning method should be performed gradually over a long period of time. Removing too many lower branches all at once can result in a weak tree.Why Aerate?

Your yard will not only look better and more even across the entire span of lawn, but it will also retain more moisture and look greener throughout the growing season. The second kind of what do you think is core aeration, where you remove small plugs of soil at intervals of every few inches.