Aeration And Your Lawn

At Lawn Pride, we use hydraulic aerators for improved accuracy, quality, and efficiency. These ride-on aerators pull better plugs than normal push aerators and allow for a more productive overseeding process. The aerator’s tines will penetrate the lawn about 2 inches deep, and you’ll want to guide the aerator across your lawn in at least two different directions.

One of the simplest ways to refresh a lawn and combat compaction. You punch holes in the surface of the grass with solid metal spikes. No soil is actually removed, brown patches in lawn so the holes naturally fill back up quickly. With that said, it’s also important to treat the entire lawn with overseeing, not just the visibly thin areas.

To maximize benefits of core brown patch, you want it to be synchronized with peak growth of your lawn. For cool-season grasses, you’ll want temperatures to be between 60 – 75 degrees for several weeks after the aerating. While this process can be used on any lawn, it’s most suited for heavily compacted areas that receive regular wear. Hollow-tine aeration has a longer-lasting effect since the empty holes can stay open for weeks after treatment. This allows the roots to stretch out and flourish; therefore, leading to a thicker, healthier lawn.