Aeration And Your Lawn

The truth is, and overseeding is a combined service that can do wonders for your lawn and it’s not one to overlook. Thatch is the layer of plant material that builds up between the soil and the green blades of grass.

Some more aggressive-growing grass species such as Kentucky bluegrass build up a thatch layer more quickly. If that’s the case, it can increase how frequently you aerate. Daly says that the average homeowner’s lawn needs to be aerated every three to four years, but aerating every year doesn’t hurt anything. Plugs should be ½ to ¾ inches in diameter, 2-6 inches apart and 2-4 inches deep, according to the University of Maryland Extension Service. Because soil compaction occurs primarily in a thin surface layer, penetrating 2-4 inches easily penetrates the compacted top layer.

One of the biggest differences is that most lawn aerating services do not perform a double pass on your property . And surely, if you’re taking a DIY approach, by the time you get finished a single pass, you probably don’t feel like doing it again. We should also mention that even the way in which professional lawn mulch calculator services will perform this task can differ.