Aeration In St Louis, Mo

For your lawn, one of those necessary upkeep items isfall lawn when to water after applying weed and feed. All those summer days spent running around and enjoying the yard with your kids, pets, and friend were fun, but heavy foot traffic can lead to soil compaction. Aeration is the process of getting oxygen to plant roots.

A third type, slicing aerators, literally slice through the soil creating openings. After dethatching your lawn, you want to water the ground thoroughly. Let the soil absorb about 1 to 2 inches of water to ensure your ground is moistened enough. That way, you won’t be facing the prospect of aerating mud, which will what kind of grass do i have be ineffective. Working with moist grass, however, will make the job of aerating your yard much easier and more effective. Warm season turfgrasses such as zoysiagrass and bermudagrass should be aerated in mid-spring to summer. Avoid aerating when warm season grasses are dormant – it may encourage weed competition.

Learn how to reinvigorate your compacted lawn through aeration. There are several types of pull and walk-behind aerators on the market. The most common is a core-type unit that removes small plugs from the turf. Core aerators have a minimum penetration of 2 ½ inches and remove plugs anywhere from ¼ to ¾ inches in diameter. Spiking units push small tines into the turf without removing soil plugs.