Aeration Of Turfgrass Areas

Cover a brown, dead lawn with a lush, green carpet of grass. Control stray grass growth, and you’ll save hours of time maintaining your planting beds.

Testing your soil’s pH level is an important first step in a lawn makeover. Learn how to start a brand-new warm-season lawn or patch an existing one using plugs or sprigs. But, operating them isn’t much more difficult than mowing your lawn with a self-propelled mower. And in the summer the family dog — not to mention your kids — will appreciate the time you spend now. You generally can rent aerating machines from home improvement stores or garden centers for between $60 and $80, depending on how long you’ll need the machine. Be sure to factor in time you’ll need to spend cleaning up the machine before you return it.

They’re heavy, so bring some muscle with you when you pick up a rental. Warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda, zoysia or St. Augustine — Consider aerating in the warmer months of April through June.