Aeration & Overseeding

Having your lawn aerated in the fall is the perfect way to allow your lawn to breathe, while opening it up to receive needed fertilizer and moisture in the cooler months. Sadly, many of our larger lawn areas are over-watered and not aerated enough. If we establish a good foundation, mow at proper cutting heights with sharp mower blades, and fertilize regularly, we can reduce the amount of water we waste when watering. There are pathogens and red thread in lawn beneficial soil organisms that work in tandem with plant roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. If there is a healthy balance between beneficial soil organisms and pathogens, we usually do not notice anything amiss. When soils are under anaerobic conditions, pathogens begin to out-number beneficial soil organisms and we begin to see early manifestations of disease activity. Before you get started, make sure the soil is moist enough.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to aerate soil that is bone dry. Aerating the day after a rain shower or watering your lawn the day before is advised. Once aerated, your soil will be able to absorb water and prevent water runoff, such as flowing across grass seed spray to a basement window, and puddling. Tee Time Lawn Care is a local business and already servicing customers in your area. We are able to offer the best value and most personalized lawn care, pest control, and tree and shrub service to fit your needs and budget.