All The Basics Of Lawn Care, Like Seeding, Fertilizer & Sprinkler Systems

Pruning is periodically required on most all of the landscape’s trees and shrubs. Pruning establishes a growth habit and branching that is not only appealing but will improve the strength and health of the plant. The season for pruning will be different depending on the plant in question. Flowering shrubs should be pruned each season after the flowers disappear as blooms often appear on last season’s growth. Craig and his company are considerate, conscientious, and good at what they do. They are easy to talk to, honest, and environmentally minded. Their equipment is quiet, and their chemicals ok for me and my dog.

Not to be combined with or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount for the same service. ✦Purchase of full lawn plan required for Healthy Lawn Analysis, which is performed at the first visit. Was able to provide an inspector a day after my call. Salomon brown spots on lawn & Exteriorshas a wealth of knowledge regardingtree trimming and pruning in St Louis Mo.

Gas-powered lawn equipment is a major contributor to air and noise pollution in every American city. Our electric mowers, blowers and trimmers are quiet, clean and have no emissions. Clean Air Lawn Care reduces the need for harsh chemicals through organic fertilizer and improved mechanical processes. Our weed control options are considered safer by the EPA and do not leave toxic residue.