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And if you water at night, your lawn will remain wet overnight and become prone to diseases. Proper distribution of sprinkled water is key in preventing brown patches in your lawn and also enhancing the health of your grass. If you have cool-season grass in your lawn, mow it at 3-4 inches while for warm-season grass, that level should be down to about 2-3 inches high. After mowing, leave the clippings as mulch to keep moisture levels steady throughout the hot days. Also, don’t forget to aerate the soil on a day when soil is slightly damp but not soaked.

Overseeding is the process of replenishing grass by scattering grass seeds over a lawn. Spring is a good time to overseed, particularly if you’re using turf grasses that are known to grow robustly in these conditions. You should water your lawn no more than an inch a week.

This helps to ensure that oxygen, water, and nutrients from feeds reach roots for healthy lawn growth. Weeds, such as crabgrass, begin to germinate during late spring and emerge fully during the summer, but you can curb and eliminate their presence. The product you’ll need to use here is pre-emergent herbicide. According to Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Turfgrass Science, the pre-emergent herbicide is the most critical component of an effective chemical control program. These herbicides are readily found in supermarkets and should be applied days before the germination periods of weeds. However, the best time to lay mole traps is during the spring just before they build more tunnels.

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If there have been instances of showers during the week, you won’t need to water your lawn as often. If you use an advanced irrigation system, you may want to adjust your timers depending on the changing weather patterns. Also, be sure to inspect your system for blockages and leaks for effective results. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning before the sun rises too high. If you water in the afternoon, it will evaporate before your lawn can adequately absorb it.

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Some insects like turf caterpillars and grubs are quite harmful, especially if left to multiply uncontrolled. Be on the lookout for symptoms of pest infestation like wilting and unusually high feeding activity. If the pest infestation looks to be extreme, consider hiring a company to help you eradicate them. Don’t forget to also account for rainwater every time you’re watering your lawn.

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We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. With these complete services, our St. Louis landscaping professionals will ensure that your lawn and landscaping stays looking its best.

If you would like to learn more about any of our professional landscaping or reseeding lawn services, please contact the professionals at our St. Louis landscaping company today. Ground effects is one of the top lawn care companies in St. Louis. with over 25 years in the lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping business. Our commitment is to providing the highest quality lawn work for our clients by using only the best lawn care products and equipment. The Ground Effects lawn care and landscaping team make it their goal to provide the exact service promised, delivered in a timely manner.

Clients range from residential homeowners to commercial properties including apartments, office buildings, and restaurants. At Ground Effects, we take great pride in our St Louis services and look forward to working with you. As a premier lawn care company in St. Louis we have been providing professional services throughout Saint Louis since 2009. Many of our clients tell us that we offer the best lawn mowing St. Louis has to offer! Having a beautiful yard requires you to hire the best St. Louis lawn care services.Top 10 Best Landscaping Companies In Saint Louis Mo

As a locally owned St. Louis find out here now company providing superior quality landscaping services, let O’Hara grow with you through the years. The care and commitment of your HOA or management company is reflected in every lush lawn, flowering garden, manicured walkway or tree-shaded gazebo within your community. Find out more about our LandCare services and how we can help with your landscape maintenance need. TJW Landscaping is located in St. Peters and does the majority of their work in St. Charles County, but will travel further for more involved landscape projects. They offer basic lawn cutting and landscape services in St. Peters, St. Charles, O’Fallon, Cottleville and Lake St. Louis.

Two unique services they offer are rain barrel installation and holiday light displays. Since 1993, Spectrum Lawn & Tree Care has offered full-service lawn care, landscape maintenance, and snow removal. They offer a special spring clean up service and removal of smaller trees. M & P has been providing residential and commercial lawn care since 1995. Their services include not only regular lawn maintenance, but also cleanup, retaining walls, and drainage systems. Their 55-member staff insures there is always a team available for your lawn care needs.Tree Removal Service St Louis

Our expert arborists have years of experience under their belts, and we thoroughly train every member of our team in eco-friendly tree care techniques. Our skilled tree care professionals can work with trees and shrubs weed and feed crabgrass of every shape and size. PermalinkI found it interesting when you said that poor pruning can cause damage to your tree forever. My dad wants to take care of the tree branches that are about to hit his property.

Dead and diseased trees cannot support themselves and can pose a threat to your home and a dangerous liability. With state of the art equipment and years of experience, you shouldn’t trust your tree removal to anyone else. From lawn care to tree removal services, our team at Monster Tree Service of St. Louis can keep your property looking beautiful.

I will recommend him to contact a company so that they can properly do it. PermalinkMy husband and I just moved into a house with so many trees and we are desperately needing to get them pruned. Thank you for pointing out that poor pruning can cause damage to the tree. I’ll have to avoid this by finding the right tree trimming company to help us out. Hopefully, I can do some research and find a great tree service in my area. We’re fully staffed year-round to provide tree care services no matter the season. Omni Tree carries both workmen’s compensation and liability insurance, protecting our workers during projects big and small.Why, When And How To Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn is an important aspect of proper lawn care. It involves perforating the soil with small evenly spaced holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the roots of your grass. This helps the roots grow deeply which can result in a much greener and healthier looking lawn. Aerating your lawn also helps alleviate soil compaction which can prevent proper circulation of air, water, and essential nutrients from within the soil. If your soil is compacted and your yard grass suffered from heat stress, let your lawn breathe with our core aeration and overseeding services. You will be awarded with a thick, strong turf next spring.

Have you ever walked by a lawn and seen little “plugs” of soil scattered across the grass ? Well luckily it’s not the latter, but it is something that’s really, really good for your lawn. weed begone max is the process of removing plugs of soil in order to break up soil compaction, allowing oxygen and water to get down to the root zone. The treatment is key to stimulating root growth and encourages the penetration of air, water, and nutrients into the soil. The most popular of the three, this method uses 2- to 3-inch cores that are plugged into the ground and then removed every few inches. The resulting soil is then spread across the lawn’s surface.The 10 Best Assisted Living Facilities In Saint Charles County, Mo For 2021

St. Charles County Government employs over 1,100 in more than 30 departments and offices, who work to make the county an excellent place to st augustine grass plugs live, work and shop. 1990– –2019As of 2010, there were 360,485 people, 132,906 households, and 77,060 families residing in the county.

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During the overseeding process also, you may consider introducing more resilient grasses that can withstand the harsher climatic conditions of winter and summer. While at it, ensure that the seeds you’re spreading in the thin spots or bare patches get into good contact with the soil.

When shopping for these fertilizers, buy products with controlled-release nitrogen. The steady release of nitrogen helps grass retain its green color. The amount to apply varies slightly based on the type of turfgrass you are using. Most individual applications, however, are around 1 pound of nitrogen per scott grub control 1,000 square feet. Where possible, use fertilizers that also contain potassium which is known to aid in root growth, drought tolerance, and disease resistance. For example, you may apply a granular fertilizer where those numbers indicate the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, respectively.

The core goal is to ensure that the grasses are well established before winter comes. This season is the last growing period of the year, so overseeding how to plant grass is essential, even if you did it in the spring. In the same vein, don’t forget to treat for common lawn pests that show up in summer.

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Instead, fertilize after rainfall or after you have finished watering for the best results. Be careful not to miss any spots in your lawn when fertilizing to facilitate uniform growth of grasses.

Some weeds persist during this season, even if you already treated your lawn in the past spring and summer. The University of Maryland offers a free and encompassing database of lawn weeds. Once identified, quickly treat yard for fleas apply herbicides on the weeds before the temperatures drop. Otherwise, the weeds will become dormant and remain preserved until spring . A general tip here is that you should never fertilize a dry lawn.

For best results, consider using a walk-behind drop spreader although you could still opt for a crank-style broadcaster if the former is not available. Lawns are less likely to brown if you apply a slow-release fertilizer in early fall.

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One of the most important tasks you can do on your lawn during winter is to ensure it is cleaned up at all times. Never leave debris, children toys, lawn furniture, or plant leaves out on the grass. This is to avoid smothering the grass, inviting harmful pests, or creating favorable conditions for diseases. An exception to this rule is when the leaves are not too thick or wet and can therefore serve as mulch and add nutrients to the grass.

These are the four most common fall lawn diseases to watch out for including Necrotic Ring Spot, Fairy Rings, Red Thread, and Rust. If you notice signs of an outbreak of any of them, contact your local experts for advice on how to stop them from spreading on your lawn.

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An experienced lawn service pro identifies lawn diseases more quickly and possibly diagnoses the needs of your lawn with more accuracy. Also, leave behind short grass clippings after you mow as they decompose to become a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your lawn. Grass clippings are 75 to 85 percent water, so they integrate quickly into your lawn and won’t become thatch. However, this is the case as long as your lawn is frequently cut and properly fertilized.

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We sincerely care about providing you with superior service. Our program includes early & late spring, summer, early fall and winterizing treatments. We also provide grub control, disease control and lime treatments. Although this when to seed lawn guide is as lengthy as it already is, the expertise of a lawn service professional may be more helpful and efficient.

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This means if we happen to damage your property or someone injures themselves you are not liable for the damages, everything is covered by us and the insurance company. Many lawn services do not carry these insurances and they put their customers at risk, but we at St. Louis turf builder lawn soil want our customers to feel comfortable while we service your property. St. Louis Lawn Care is owned by Dan Jenkerson and his two sons, Tim and Nick.

Dan is a Police Officer and Firefighter in the City of Des Peres, MO. What this means is that you will be dealing and speaking directly with an owner of the business when you call us. If you call, we answer, or do our best to return your call as soon as possible. You will have a direct line to an owner at all times so any questions that may arise will be gladly answered by an owner of the business. We offer superior customer service, we want you to be pleased with your lawn service and maintenace and we want you have the best lawn possible. Lovely Company has a combined 40 years of experience in residential and commercial lawn care.

Get your lawn professionally striped like the outfield in Busch Stadium, or like a fairway on a nice golf course. We will work with you to provide you with a lawn you will be proud of. We stress safety with our employees and we have never had a claim on our insurance, but we carry both general liability and workman’s comp insurance for your piece of mind.