Bottom Up Aeration Vs Surface Aeration

Allow for four weeks of healing time before winter’s cold or summer’s hot fury. If you want to overseed, you should also wait four weeks. Then top dress the area with good quality soil and sow with seed that is appropriate for your area.

Many lawn and garden supply houses have aerating equipment available on a rental basis, and many landscape agencies will do the job on a custom basis. “My service technician Jose H really knows his business and is always very polite and informative when he comes to service my lawn! My grass is beginning to look great after just two rounds.” Fescue turf benefits from annual aeration AND over seeding every fall. Fescue does not self germinate, and requires aeration and seeding to replenish turf loss due to disease, heat, and drought stress.

The type of equipment recommended will depend upon the size and use of the area. Equipment varies in size, from the small, when to apply lawn fertilizer hand, tubular-tine forks to large, tractor-drawn units capable of aerating large areas in relatively short time.