Double Aeration And Overseeding

But heavy drums to pull behind a riding mower, and motorized push-corers can run as high as $350. Stand-alone motorized core aerators can cost $3,000 or more.

Aerating an unwatered lawn, he added, especially one with clay soils can be like trying to aerate concrete. Cool-season varieties of grass such as tall fescue, he lawn mowing says, should be aerated between September and November or March and April. The best time to aerate depends on your grass type and when it’s growing its strongest.

Don’t just run out to the rental store and fire up the aerator. Your lawn will need time to recover, and that means time to grow. Core also creates a system of large pores for moisture and plant nutrients to be taken into the soil. Benefits of aeration go beyond opening up access your soil. Over the years, especially for a well-trod-upon lawn, the soil underneath the grass will compact.