Greenside Lawn Care

Having a beautiful, lush lawn is the pride of any homeowner. Taking care of your own lawn may be something you’ve done for years, without even a second thought. But, what happens when changes in your everyday life, your family, health, or career make the tasks involved in lawn care more than you’d like to handle?

Call our friendly how often can you fertilize your lawn experts for a complimentary estimate. We’ll inspect your grass, trees, and shrubs to check for any damaging diseases or insect infestations and provide a comprehensive analysis of your yard’s condition. We offer lawn, tree, and shrub care options for every budget and need. We know that every homeowner wants a lush lawn and beautiful greenery to enjoy for themselves and to show off to their friends and neighbors. We are aware that every yard has different service needs for optimal growth and enjoyment year after year.

Trust the experts at Farison for the best in Louisville. We offer a variety of services specific to what you need to enjoy your outdoor space. Choose our flea, tick and mosquito treatment option. We specialized in grub control, Bermuda grass elimination, aeration, overseeding and even poison ivy control for your convenience. We can beautify your yard with our landscape design and restoration services. Spruce up your home’s property & give your yard a refresh.