Healthy Lawns

When thatch exceeds an 1/2 inch, it will reduce lawn vigor and increase insect and disease problems. The results will be seen the following spring, as new grass plants fill in thin areas. To summarize, soil compaction is the hidden enemy to any lawn. Commercial, as well water lawns as homeowner turfgrass managers, need to be aware of the possible problems associated with soil compaction. Once soil compaction becomes a problem, remediation can be a long process. The best approach to dealing with soil compaction is to prevent it from the beginning.

To have additional questions answered, contact the ISU Hortline at or Thatch is the intermingled layer of roots, stems and other natural material that build creeping charlie killer up at the soil surface. Some thatch (1/2 inch or less) is desirable as it will act as a cushion and help protect the lawn from temperature extremes.