Healthy Lawns

The high oxygen levels support bacteria, providing them energy for respiration to consume decaying organic matter. This cleans the pond water, improving health and colour as well as reduces the amount of muck and sludge.

Quality is important, so your property is regularly monitored by our area managers. If our area managers or technicians see an issue, they will discuss it with you. Plus, we provide a free turf service visit to meet with you how long should i water my lawn on your property to discuss any issues or new needs that may arise during the course of the season. For healthy, beautiful landscapes year-round, call on Atkins Grounds Maintenance for experienced professional service.

Adequate levels of oxygen are required to support life within the pond ecosystem. Fish need oxygen the same way we do, the main cause of fish kill in ponds is due to a lack of oxygen. Bacteria play a key role in ponds to break down organic matter in the water to reduce muck and sludge from settling on the bottom of ponds.