How To Aerate Your Lawn

These high traffic areas can usually be done by “hand” as described in the next section. The type of grass will determine whether to aerify in the fall or in the summer. Lawns composed of cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue are best aerified in the fall when there are less scott accugreen 3000 heat stress and danger of invasion by weedy annuals. Allow at least four weeks of good growing weather to help the plants recover. Keep in mind that one particular practice in itself may not be enough to relieve a compacted soil. It may take a combination of several to achieve the desired goal.

If you are going to seed the lawn, you should make six to 10 passes over the area with a machine. You need to produce a number of holes, at least 4 inches apart, to improve the appearance and density of the stand. With a fraction cut grass of the effort and expense of tilling up the entire area, combining aerification with seeding will give the lawn a brand-new look. Turfgrass in high traffic areas may need aerification more often than the rest of the lawn.