Lake St Louis Lawn Aeration

Most of the time, homeowners realize this, which is why they hire a lawn care service in the first place. The machine will pull those cores of soil up and deposit them on your lawn surface. You can either mow them into the lawn, or just leave them. They will eventually break down due to watering and mowing and return to the lawn as a topdressing material. Spike aeration — simply using spikes to poke holes in the lawn — is an option but it’s usually not recommended.

We advise having this service performed in the fall because of the ideal weather conditions for seed growth. While the soil is still warm, the air is a bit cooler, reseeding lawn which is perfect for new seed germination. Oftentimes, the spring is just too hot and ultimately the summer sun could fry your new and fragile grass.

The spikes create holes for water and nutrients, but do so by pushing aside soil. That means the spikes actually compact the soil further around the holes. Aerating your lawn encourages root growth, relieving that pressure and lessening soil compaction.