Lawn Aeration

may be overlooked when trying to restore a lawn but is vital to bring it back to health. Likewise, if your thatch problem is severe (say, 3/4 inch thick or more), rent a vertical mower from a rental center. Alternatively, hire a lawn service to do the job of lawn aeration for you. For more on dethatching, please consult this information on raking leaves.

Aeration is good for lawns, but it can stress grass if timed improperly. It may not seem your lawn could get compacted, but it happens easier than you may think. Vehicles or small equipment driven on lawns are more obvious offenders, but even outdoor entertaining or yard play by kids and petscan leave all or part of your lawn compacted. If you live where heavy clay soil is the norm, annual aeration is probably needed to keep your lawn from becoming thin and weak. Soil aeration is the process of using mechanized or manual equipment to either puncture the soil with spikes or remove approximately 1″ x 2″ cores of soil from the ground .

Such a plug should be pulled out of the lawn at about every three inches. The plug removal process is facilitated by watering the lawn the day before, but don’t water to the point of muddying the soil. For over 50 years, this family owned company has offered world-leading water quality solutions. can help Mother Nature keep up with the demand for dissolved oxygen and prolong the life of your pond. Aeration increases the level of dissolved oxygen so normal biological processes in a pond system can become balanced. It also helps to move water in low circulation areas , and facilitates mixing throughout the pond if chemical treatment is necessary. In short, aeration provides a way to help clean up stagnant ponds and improve water quality for irrigation purposes.