Lawn Aeration Service

After a long summer of hot sunshine, even the best irrigated and cared for lawns may have brown patches, withered grass, and compacted soil. Now that fall has arrived, it’s time to renew your customer’s lawn by preparing their soil and roots for the upcoming seasons with creeping charlie killer.

It’s best to aerate two times a season, once in the spring and again for fall renovation. Aeration is an important effective method to recover, prepare and improve the overall appearance and health of your customer’s lawn.

getting rid of dandelions is the process of making an opening through the top soil in a lawn. Aeration or core aeration is basically perforating the soil as well as the thatch covering soil. Little plugs are taken out of the soil and deposited on top of turf. The result is holes in your soil which allow for air, water, and nutrients to get down into the roots. Essentially it’s breaking up soil to let grass roots naturally grow deeper and thicker. As we’ve said many times, a deep healthy root system is your best defense against weeds, insects, and disease.