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Combining this species of grass with the infrequent watering makes it one of the best species for fighting weeds. It also means you can have a lovely lawn using less water. We offer a variety of professional landscape design services. With these services, we can design and install your complete landscaping. This includes designing and installing retaining walls, hardscaping elements, and water features.

Unique treating yards for fleas offers a variety of additional lawn care services including, aeration, seeding, and grub control to sustain the health and vibrancy of your lawn. Tall fescue makes deeeeeep roots and is one of the most drought tolerant species.

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Their new, “smart” sprinkler system allows for the conservation of water while also saving you money. Nearly 10,000,000 gallons of water have been saved by the use of these products. In order to prevent water from pooling and killing your lawn or lawn care basics, you will need a good drainage system to remove excess water. While installing your sprinkler system, we can evaluate for any draining problems and design the best drainage solution for your yard. English cottage gardens are one of the earliest landscaping styles, dating back to the 1400s.

Craftsman-style landscaping mirrors these architectural traits, and often feature a dense planting of low-lying plants that add color and texture. Popular plants include small trees, like Japanese maples, feathery grasses, and climate-adapted, flowering shrubs.

Often described as an informal take on the formal yard, these yards often feature a dense mix of multi-colored flowering plants. More refined yards, like the one featured here, bring in the colors and blooms of traditional cottage gardens but pare down the density. Hardscape in these gardens often features organic shapes, like rounded pavers. Traditional craftsman homes feature low-pitched roofs, horizontal lines, detailed woodwork, decorative elements, and colorful accents.Complete Tree Service

Lower branches tend to grow at the same rate as the terminal leader. This side branching results in weak attachments that also are likely to fail later in the life of the plant. So care for trees when they are young and growing quickly is critical to ensuring a strong framework for future growth. This practice uses pruning cuts to maintain a dominant stem as a point of origin unless multiple stem “clumps” are desired. We offer 24/7 tree removal services to ensure the help that you need is always just a phone call away in the event of a dangerous tree or storm damage situation. From trimming to complete removal, count on us for the safe and reliable service that you expect.

These limbs, called scaffold branches, are a mature tree’s framework. Properly trained young trees will develop a strong structure that requires less corrective pruning as they mature. For most young trees, maintain a single dominant leader growing upward. Do not prune back the tip of this leader or allow secondary branches to outgrow the main leader. Pruning can help protect against storm damage and the danger of falling limbs. This is particularly a concern for trees along pedestrian paths, driveways, and surrounding buildings. We also recommend pruning trees with low-hanging branches in certain areas to eliminate interference with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

It also advisable to avoid over pruning as this may affect the lower limb of the tree negatively. We work hard to deliver how often can you fertilize your lawn services and tree removal services that go above and beyond what our customers would normally expect! Be sure to inquire about our military and senior citizen discounts. A good structure of primary branches should be established while the tree is young.The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration »

But we believe if you’re only going to do it once per year, fall is the optimal time, specifically September through October. You can aerate in the spring, but it will affect your pre-emergent treatment that you also put down in the spring. In the fall, you’ll get better dirt plugs, the holes will more than likely stay open longer, and a good shade grass will help winterize your lawn! Other added benefits are combining aeration with over-seeding and fertilization in the fall. With aeration, you break up the hard soil, which allows more air, nutrients, and water to reach deeper into the ground. As a result, your grass has a chance to expand its roots more. You’ll have a much thicker and more densely rooted grass in your lawn.St Charles County Missouri

The county was organized October 1, 1812 and named for Saint Charles Borromeo, an Italian cardinal. The county executive is Steve Ehlmann, since January 2007.

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Saint Charles County is in the Northeast Region region of Missouri. To find more land for sale in Missouri, sign up for Land And Farm’s Missouri land-for-sale email alerts to be notified when new listings matching your search criteria come onto the market in Saint Charles County! You can also search Land And Farm to find real estate agents in Missouri who specialize in selling land, rural acreage and other recreational property in regions throughout Missouri. The county health director, Demetrius Cianci-Chapman, said eight people have been tested for COVID-19. Seven have already come back negative and they are awaiting the results on the eighth test, which is being handled by state labs.