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To determine exactly which insects are destroying your grass, pour a soap solution on the affected area and see which insects come out to escape drowning in soap. Different regions have different pests, so it’s best to consult with your local extension service for guidance. A number of pests can affect the health of your lawn, so keep an eye out for areas that look damaged. If you see their tell tale tunnels poking up into your lawn, drive them away with granular mole repellent, which makes your yard taste bad, or try a sonic mole repellent. Both methods also drive away the voles that like to tunnel in your yard as well. If you don’t aerate, the roots stay near the surface, contributing to thatch build-up.

Sometimes referred to as “grass-cycling”, this provides nutrients equivalent to one application of fertilizer. Mulching mowers are also available which help the clippings hide in the grass. For effective grass cycling, wait until the lawn is 3″ tall, then set the mower height to remove 1″. The clippings left on best time to water grass the lawn will quickly disappear from view. Of course this technique also saves hauling yard waste to the landfill – some states have banned yard waste from landfills. For more information, read our article Grasscycling – The Easiest Way to Nurture Your Lawn. Milky spore is also an effective way to target grubs.