Lawn Care & Landscaping In Chesterfield, Ballwin, Manchester, Clarkson Valley, Wildwood, Ellisville, Eureka, Gover, Glencoe, Kirkwood, Town And Country, Des Peres & Surrounding Areas

Compost leaves, grass, and other organic yard waste. Mulch yard waste by spreading leaves or grass clippings around trees and in planting beds. The City of St. Louis operates a weekly collection service for yard waste during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Yard Waste Collection is discontinued during Winter months for both roll-carts and alley yard waste dumpsters. As long as it rains every once in a while, you’ve got it made. There is much more to watering your lawn than waiting for a good rain or a few splashes with the water hose. Watering a lawn does not mean getting the blades wet.