Lawn Care Services In Ky, In, & Oh

Liquid fertilizer is a highly effective and incredibly efficient treatment for your New York lawn. While granular fertilizer has been the industry’s go-to product for years, the future of lawn care is liquid. Convert your lawn clippings to valuable compost in as little as 13 days.

We listen to you, in order to understand how you would like your lawn and landscape to look. We will continuously customize a plan to meet your specific needs and budget. weed and feed for bermuda grass Instead of chemical killers, we use natural ingredients and micronutrients to strengthen your grass and weaken your weeds naturally, without all the chemicals.

Our line of fully sealed composting systems are also ideal for urban gardens and homes with small yards. Large lawns, and especially golf courses, require large amount of herbicides and chemical fertilizers to maintain their condition and appearance. These fertilizers hop over to here are less likely to burn your lawn with excess nitrogen, and slow-release allows the roots to absorb the nutrients as needed. With fast-acting fertilizers, some nutrients are washed away with watering or rain, and the wasted fertilizer pollutes groundwater supplies.