Lawn Care Services In Ky, In, & Oh

Zoysia is a wonderful choice of grass to survive the hot and humid summer days in the St. Louis area but when cooler seasons approach it will show some brown patches. If green grass in the winter isn’t a major concern for you, Zoysia is for summerguard you. It perseveres through heavy traffic and drought extremely well. Zoysia grass is more difficult to establish than many kinds of grass. Once it is growing it produces a strong and dense sod that will return each summer even thicker.

Excessive amounts of moisture is one of the main causes of fungus and disease in your lawn. The best way to treat this is by getting the experts at Ryan Lawn & Tree to come out and identify which turfgrass disease your lawn is dealing with. Once we have an understanding of which disease is present, we can prescribe the proper corrective measures. When you’re on a quest for the perfect lawn, you’re bound to encounter challenges. The timing of your lawn fertilization is especially important.

Fertilizing too early or too late can have the opposite of your desired effect. Slow-release lawn fertilizers can help keep over-fertilizing from occurring.