Lawn Care Tips For Beginners

Each brief weeding trip gets me another 5% of new territory. The important thing is to always weed the area you already weeded first. If I didn’t do it this way, then the weed would recover in the first section while I was attacking another section. If you’re going to buy a pH tester, be prepared to spend around $85 for the tester and the calibration solutions. A long time ago I bought the Oakton pHTestr 2 plus 4.0 and 7.0 solutions. I think most folks will wanna keep their $85 and just pack some soil samples to the local extension office. So I’m making a strong recommendation to not use chemical fertilizers.

Mow a little more frequently in late june and early july to wipe out knapweed. I once moved to a house that was infested with bothbindweed and thistle. I started pulling weeds on the left and stopped about ten percent of the way across. A few days later, I started at the left again and picked out anything that cropped up in the last few days and then made a little progresss into the rest of the rectangle.

The grasses that feel better are the ones that won’t compete with weeds as well. Besides, I think most folks won’t notice the difference in feel between tall fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. I am compiling a list of flea control for yards providers that fully subscribe to my philosophies and techniques! With these methods you will mow less, water less, never buy pesticides and have the best looking lawn on your block. For more about fun stuff to grow, check our lawn care forum for this thread. KNAPWEED tries to poison plants around it with niacin. A little water washes the niacin away and the plants around it can have a fighting chance.