Lawn & Landscape

They provide habitat to many species that are important for fisheries and recreation. They reduce wave energy and help mitigate coastal flooding. It turns out that they also help control the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by trapping carbon dioxide in plants and in soils. While a good retaining wall will help to prevent soil erosion, a great one can also improve the look and types of lawn grass value of your St. Louis property. A mix of gravel hardscaping and billowy plants, like ornamental grasses, gives the feeling of windswept seascapes. Add rustic wood elements, like fences, steps, and edging to recall driftwood—pair lounge-worthy furniture and salty decor to complete the look. Mediterranean yards make use of the organic shapes, textures, and colors of the natural world.

Think warm tones, rounded edges, wood elements, stone features, and flowering plants. These yards are casual and inviting, encouraging family and friends to enjoy an evening at a farmhouse table or cook in a wood-fired oven.