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18% of municipal solid waste is composed of yard waste. It was a pleasure to serve you, and we appreciate your valued business and relationship. We are always looking to provide our customers scott’s fertilizer with the most unique and best experience possible. Your welcomed feedback will help us to improve and continue to to strive toward us providing the best customer experience possible.

Their light weight also makes it easier to move from front to back yard, or to lift into a pickup. When the lawn is finished growing for the season, cut it a bit shorter, to about 2″. This will minimize the risk of mold build-up during winter. Lawns grow best in loamy soils that have a mix scott crabgrass of clay, silt, and sand. Too much clay in the soil mix, or heavy use, can compact the soil and prevent air and nutrient flow. Compacted soil may need aeration , a process of lifting small plugs of turf to create air spaces in the soil. Pesticides kill 60 – 90% of earthworms when applied.