Natural Lawn Care

This solution is reserved for the Zen Masters of the school of the cheap and lazy lawn care. But if you give your lawn too much nitrogen, you’ll kill it.

If you have the bucks, you can have a foot and a half of topsoil dropped on your existing lawn and then plant new grass seed and start over. Having done a little reading on this topic, “Milky Spore” and/or predatory nematodes appear to be the organic control. “Milky Spore” is a naturally occuring bacteria that makes the grubs puke their guts out, but it doesn’t seem to bother anything else. So if a bird eats a dead grub, the bird will be fat and happy. Predatory nematodes (also called “beneficial nematodes”) are like micro worms that crawl through the soil and eat a variety of different organisms, including grubs. Folks that love gardening and horticulture so much, that they are itching to share their expertise with you.

Usually there will be a load of dog poop and the grass under it will be dead. And the grass immediately around it will be greener, taller, thicker and healthier than all the rest of the lawn. So the stuff immediately under the crap is “too much” and the stuff surrounding the crap is “optimal”. Same thing for pee only there won’t be a pile of poop in the middle. For more on getting rid of mushrooms, see “mushrooms on lawn” in our scott carears forum.