Ohara Landscape And Lawn Care In St Louis, Missouri

The weather is cooler during fall but let that not fool you into thinking that your lawn doesn’t need watering. Sure, there may be some rain and dew falling but the total amount of water could be lower than what your grass requires for optimal growth and survival. If your lawn is not getting at least an inch of water per when is the best time to water grass week, you need to keep that sprinkler on, preferably till the end of October. The common dethatching tools you can use here are vertical mowers and power rakes. For larger lawns, vertical mowers work a lot better and are easier to use. To avoid ripping up your turf grass, set the blades high before your first run.

However, you might have to deal with a few issues when you decide to hire services. One, pros tend to overuse chemicals during lawn care, and two, they are usually not too flexible with your immediate needs. Regardless, choosing either this or DIY lawn care simply depends on your needs. A common mistake that most homeowners make is mowing their lawn too short. Doing this weakens the foundation and reduces the lifespan of lawn grasses and plants. On the other hand, lawns cut at higher heights grow deeper roots. Sometimes the soil becomes so hard during winter that water cannot penetrate to the roots.

To avert the dangers that may arise from such conditions, try dragging a rake over your lawn to help break down the soil clumps and cover any seeds still lying on the bare ground. You can then water the yard using a garden hose spray if there isn’t enough moisture in the soil. The extreme nature of winter means there’s very little you can do on your lawn to save the grass from browning or even dying from the freezing ice. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore it completely. For example, you should continue doing regular maintenance work and taking care of grass in preparation for the upcoming and more favorable spring. The following are simple tricks you can try to keep your lawn healthy during winter.