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Clover is a nitrogen-fixer, adding nutrition to the soil, and the long taproot that makes dandelions so difficult to eradicate is actually an effective aerator. Deep roots also bring useful minerals up to the surface where they can be used by other plants. Additionally, the flowers of these plants provide food for pollinators that don’t find much to eat in landscapes dominated by monoculture grass. Thatch mushrooms growing in lawn is the accumulation of above-soil runners, propagated by the grass. This layer should be about 1/2″ ( 1.25cm) on a healthy lawn, and kept in balance by natural decomposition, earthworms and microorganisms. Too much thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots. Before you resort to renting a dethatcher, however, effort should be made to improve aeration to control thatch build-up.

See our page on corn gluten for more information or purchase corn gluten for your yard and garden. Before the introduction of weed-killers in the mid twentieth century, people expected to see a mix of plants in a lawn. Many common plants like clover and dandelions actually benefit your lawn.