St Louis Landscaping

Minimize or eliminate the use of fertilizer where possible. If you do need fertilizer, look for a product that contains “natural organic” or “slow-release” ingredients. These fertilizers feed plants slowly and evenly, helping to create healthier plants with strong root systems and no excessive “top growth”. Moreover, using “slow-release” fertilizers can reduce nutrient run-off into ground and surface waters, protecting natural resources.

ELA’s one- and two-day regional conferences offer cutting-edge knowledge, useful information, CEU’s, and invaluable opportunities for engagement with fellow professionals. Conference sponsors present their ecologically-focused products and services while supporting ecological education. With the right accents, path lighting, and patio lighting, our landscape lighting service can have a dramatic effect on how your home looks at night. To see a sampling of projects we have worked on click here. Fertilizer encourages thirsty new growth, causing your landscape to require additional water.

Aim to Amaze Outdoor Services is located in House Springs but serves South County, West County, Jefferson and Franklin Counties and the St. Louis metro area. For over twenty years, they have provided complete tree, lawn, and services and are always happy to provide free estimates. Learn all about how to plant and care for trees and discover what tree is right for your yard.