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It can develop some problems in drought and heat, however. Kentucky bluegrass can be considered a higher maintenance grass than many other types, but it proves worth the work and expense with a beautiful, full yard. It grows best in the spring and fall since it is a spring fertilizer cool-season grass but should be watered all throughout the growing season to keep its shallow roots healthy and bountiful. Many times finding a dependable yard maintenance company can be difficult. We promise to be the most reliable lawn company you have ever used!

St Louis lawn service days are quite a bit easier when you have such easily maintained grass which takes approximately 25% less watering than other grasses. Overseeding can be advantageous since it has massive growth spurts in spring and fall. Kentucky bluegrass is an all-time favorite for homeowners all over the country. It is a cool-season grass with a thick and durable sod that survives tough winters well.

Tall fescue has some issues with hot, humid weather, however, and fends for itself by growing in tight bunches. zoysia grass Tall fescue is disease resistant and stands up well to traffic from walking paths and child’s play.Ideal Landscape Group

Since 1990, Trees, Forests and Landscapes has provided the highest level of professional special info and tree care services in the St. Louis area. When trees and shrubs are planted, they will normally require irrigation during the establishment period. Once the plants have taken root, irrigation can be reduced and or eliminated. It is also common to surround the plant with a berm that holds the water at the base of the plant, preventing it from flowing away.

Applying mulch to a depth of three to four inches provides the right coverage for most plants; excessive amounts of mulch can restrict water flow to plant roots. Leave a few inches of space between organic mulches and the base of trees or other woody plants to prevent rot. Don’t forget to pull any weeds prior to mulching and spread evenly to prevent thin areas where the mulch can’t do its job. TheeXtension programExit has additional information about mulch and water conservation. Healthy soils cycle nutrients effectively, minimize runoff, retain water, and absorb excess nutrients, sediments, and pollutants. Have your soil tested for nutrient content, pH, soil composition, and organic matter content.

How To Trim A Tree

In addition to the ISA, the Tree Care Industry Association oversees tree service providers in the United States. In collaboration with the American National Safety Institute , the TCIA has developed comprehensive guidelines for tree care and management. These guidelines provide the basis for all of our work proposals and trimming.

In addition to establishing the Certified Arborist and Board Certified Master Arborist credentials, the ISA provides a wealth of resources for tree owners. The ISA guide to (they use the term “pruning”) covers the basics of how to properly maintain mature trees.

Lawn Aerating

Improves turf health.One of the best benefits of lawn is that it can improve the overall health of your grass. Core aeration works to provide the root zone with greater access to air, water, and fertilizer. This access to air, water, and nutrients improves the health of the turf, resulting in deeper and more extensive turfgrass roots. The best solution to remove heavy thatch, remedy soil compaction, and keep an overall healthy lawn is to schedule a fall lawn aeration service with your TruGreen specialist. If you’re not convinced yet, check out the seven benefits below to see how lawn aeration can make your lawn keep up with all your fun in the sun. There are two primary ways to aerate your yard; the first is spike aeration. You can use a rotating hand tool or rent an aerator from your local garden center to perform this task.Boys & Girls Clubs Of St Charles County

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