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After the seeds sprout and the new grass is a half inch tall, water once a day for 15 to 20 minutes. Proper seeding and watering are essential for a healthy lawn. Simple tips for spreading seed and watering will have your yard thriving. November is finally time to put the mower away and apply a fertilizer with winterizer to ensure your lawn comes out of the winter strong. Also, make sure that your trees and shrubs are trimmed, and that your lawn and landscape beds are completely removed from leaves.

As the temperatures continue to rise, the flowers bloom and your lawn continues to grow and green! Also, May is a great month to help prevent summer annual weeds, so now is time to apply a second application of a pre-emergent herbicide. Now is the time to really begin mowing and maintaining your lawn to start it off on the right foot for the rest of the season. Transform your yard with the most trusted best moss killer for lawns specialists.

This will not only enhance the look of your outdoors all winter long, but most importantly give your lawn its best chance to survive the harsh winter climate. We’re now entering the peak weed season for summer-annual weeds. To help control existing weeds and help prevent new weeds, be sure to mow high, water deeply, evenly and as needed, and get an herbicide application.