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Most grass cutters in the St. Louis Missouri area will not mess with tall grass because it’s rough on our lawnmowing equipment. I know you may not have realized that but when we are bush hogging tall grass it’s hard on the deck, pulleys, and lawnmowing parts. While everyone else waters a dozen times or more over the summer, she waters just once or twice. She has thick, dark green, weed-free grass which requires frequent mowing. Her lawn is about as “no-brainer flea infested yard” as you could get. Enhance your yard with a little TLC from Tatum Lawn Care.

Lawn, Landscape & Garden Design

Our experienced designers handle residential and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets. We combine landscape and hardscape installations to give our clients unique, functional scott edge guard spreader and beautiful outdoor spaces. This landscape incorporates shrubs and trees matched to the site’s water conditions, reducing the need for supplemental irrigation.

Mulch is used around the garden plants to reduce evaporative water loss from the soil. ​With decades of design and construction experience, we have established ourselves as the go-to team of experts for outdoor living space projects in Kirkwood and surrounding communities. From the consult and design phase, through professional construction, our talented team will build the dream project you want and the lifestyle you envision– one of comfort, functionality, and beauty. St. Louis based M K provides you with dependable, professional, quality lawn care and landscaping services at affordable prices.

We realize that it can be very difficult to find lawn and landscape service providers who you can trust and count on in St. Louis, and we know that our service is second to none. Pleasecontact usto schedule your no obligation estimate today. M K Landscaping has been providing full service landscape design & lawn maintenance services including retaining walls, landscaping, fertilizing, and lawn maintenance in West St. Louis County since 2007. Ground effects is one of the top lawn care companies in St. Louis. with over 25 years in the lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping business.St Louis Tree Removal

Most are easily accessible and require simple tools. As leaves fall from the trees each autumn, branches formerly covered in a canopy of dense foliage come out of hiding. Although many gardeners would rather never deal with the falling mess of leaves, I relish this how to get rid of crabgrass time as an opportunity to inspect each tree canopy. It’s now that I carefully make note of any branches I may need to remove from my trees. Taking advantage of these dormant months gives me time to develop a plan for pruning and trimming trees in my landscaping.

What Is Lawn Aeration? Definition And Benefits

Allowing that to happen helps ensure a favorable environment for the root system to develop and grow. How many times your lawn needs aerating depends on its soil compaction. The two most popular times to aerate are in spring and fall. Spring best time to aerate lawn gives grass plants a little extra boost and provides faster greening; fall aeration helps strengthen underground root systems while providing an excellent bed for overseeding. There are other factors besides soil compaction that may give us reason to aerate our lawn.

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Stereo Feed – All Police agencies within the county on Left speaker. The Mission ofBoys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles Countyis to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Experience the charm and beauty of a city that has been welcoming visitors since 1769. The people of St. Charles have labored lovingly to preserve and share its treasured river heritage. A true destination for visitors – Saint Charles history comes alive to welcome you.