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This choice is driven by need to control emissions and/or the desire to provide more uniformly BMP compliant conditions in the pile . Table 2 offers a qualitative assessment by the authors of how suitable the different floor types are for these three different what to do with grass clippings methods. Longevity is a key differentiator between an in-floor and an on-grade aeration floor. A well-designed in-floor system will last decades while POG systems have far shorter life spans. Large facilities that use POG aeration floors report needing almost one full-time operator dedicated to the repair and replacement of damaged pipe. These two considerations will be discussed toward the end of this article. First, it is important to review a standard set of performance metrics to use when evaluating any aeration floor design.

MISCOwater now has exclusive rights to sell Mazzei systems to the municipal water and wastewater markets in five states. Collection of weed & feed & Mixing Systems related equipment products and services. Hattiesburg officials are implementing measures to improve water quality after a study from the State Department of Health showed high levels of iron in the water supply. Advanced aerobic digester solution saves energy, removes nutrients, and lowers operating costs. Introducing Nature’s Pond Cutter ‘N’ Rake, a 3-in-1 tool that cuts weeds and pulls and rakes them out of your water for good.