St Louis Lawn Overseeding & Lawn Aeration Service

It’s a far better decision to locate a St. Louis, MO landscaping and lawn maintenance company that offers core . This will ensure that your lawn is as healthy as possible, but that you also save time and effort in the process as well. Contact your neighborhood Spring-Green lawn care professional to learn more about core aeration and other beneficial lawn services. Aerification of home lawns will help correct soil compaction problems and the problems associated with compacted soils and should become a routine practice. The question usually asked is, how often does a lawn need to be aerified. The best answer to this question is “as often as needed.” One way to determine if aeration is needed is by scouting the lawn.

If the screwdriver penetrates the soil with little resistance, then you probably don’t need to aerify. If it is difficult to penetrate the soil with the screwdriver, then you may need to aerify. Make sure the soil is moist when testing the areas, as dry soil can also be more difficult to penetrate. Inspect when to re seed lawn the overall appearance of the lawn and especially where the turf is thinning. If it feels like you are walking on concrete, then compaction could be a problem. With either type of grass, choose a day when temperatures are mild, and the soil is moderately moist, which makes the soil easier to penetrate.