Landscape Aeration

mushrooms growing in lawn is a beneficial practice toward achieving a beautiful lawn, but most people don’t realize it or understand the process. If your lawn is a candidate, make it an integral part of your lawn care regime. After aerating, it’s important to continue basic lawn care practices such as proper fertilizing, mowing andwatering. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to aerate soil that is bone dry. Look for an aerating tool or machine that removes soil plugs approximately 2 — 3 inches deep and 0.5 — 0.75 inches in diameter, and about 2 — 3 inches apart. These machines can be rented from lawn and garden stores or home improvement centers.

Equipment rental companies and lawn and garden stores often rent aerator machines and provide basic operating instructions for the model you choose. Aerating is a lot like mowing as you work back and forth across your lawn. Concentrate on any known problem areas, like pet runs or backyard baseball diamonds. Make several passes in different directions to help ensure optimal coverage and benefits. Lawn may be undertaken in the spring for warm-season grasses, as soon as the soil has thawed. I mentioned examples of warm-season grasses in a prior FAQ, such as Bermudagrass.

Time For Aeration & Overseeding

In 1-2 weeks, the plugs break down, feeding nutrients back to your lawn’s roots. Benefits overseeding operations.It is helpful to core aerate before and after seeding into an existing lawn. Soil cultivation enhances seed-topsoil contact necessary for germination, and creates a moist, protected environment optimal for seedling growth and development. Fall lawn aeration can help you achieve a healthy and happy yard. Click above to learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration.

Lawn Love connects you with a St. Louis lawn care provider based on the services you need and your location. We provide the benefit of having hundreds of lawn pros on our platform to choose from, each with different skills and experience, and all local to St. Louis. This helps you, the customer, to be matched with the right person for the yard work you need completed based on expertise and availability. Gone are the days of relying with uncertainty on a friend or neighbor to help with your lawn. Immediately after , your lawn will be dotted with small plugs pulled from the soil.

When you want serious results, then we’re your team to call. Whether it’s gutter cleaning or weed control, or tree trimming and planting flowers, we have an experienced team of lawn care technicians to assist you with all your lawn maintenance needs. We’re more than just a lawn care company; we are a lawn care tech company. We use the latest technology to provide care with convenience. Want to be sure your lawn care pros have been background checked?

Aeration And Your Lawn

The truth is, and overseeding is a combined service that can do wonders for your lawn and it’s not one to overlook. Thatch is the layer of plant material that builds up between the soil and the green blades of grass.

Some more aggressive-growing grass species such as Kentucky bluegrass build up a thatch layer more quickly. If that’s the case, it can increase how frequently you aerate. Daly says that the average homeowner’s lawn needs to be aerated every three to four years, but aerating every year doesn’t hurt anything. Plugs should be ½ to ¾ inches in diameter, 2-6 inches apart and 2-4 inches deep, according to the University of Maryland Extension Service. Because soil compaction occurs primarily in a thin surface layer, penetrating 2-4 inches easily penetrates the compacted top layer.

One of the biggest differences is that most lawn aerating services do not perform a double pass on your property . And surely, if you’re taking a DIY approach, by the time you get finished a single pass, you probably don’t feel like doing it again. We should also mention that even the way in which professional lawn mulch calculator services will perform this task can differ.

Lawn Aeration Service

Low speed aerator are used mostly for biology plant for water purification. Water aeration is the process of increasing or maintaining the oxygen saturation of water in both natural and artificial environments. Aeration techniques are commonly used in pond, lake, and reservoir management to address low oxygen levels or algal blooms.

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Water displacement from the expulsion of bubbles will cause a mixing action to occur, and the contact between the water and the bubble will result in an oxygen transfer. It is often difficult for this type of machine to aerate the entire water column. The low speed surface aerator is a device for biology laying sod with high efficiency. Thoses devices are often in steel protected by epoxy coating and generate high torque. The common power is going from 1 up to 250kw per unit with an efficiency around 2 kgO2/kw.

Water Aeration

Once circulated water reaches the surface, the air-water interface facilitates the transfer of oxygen to the lake water. Subsurface aeration can be accomplished by the use of jet aerators, which aspirate air, by means of the Venturi principle, and inject the air into the liquid. Subsurface aeration seeks to release bubbles at the bottom of the water body and allow them to rise by the force of buoyancy. Diffused aeration systems utilize bubbles to aerate as well as mix the water.

The barge is capable of dissolving up to 5 tonnes of oxygen in 24 hours. Circulators are commonly used to mix a pond or lake and thus reduce thermal stratification.

However no one has undertaken an project as large as an estuary. The dissolved oxygen concentration within Cardiff Bay are maintained at or above 5 mg/L. Compressed air is pumped, from five sites around the Bay, through a series of steel reinforced rubber pipelines, laid on the beds of the Bay and Rivers Taff and Ely. At times this is insufficient and the Harbour Authority is using a mobile oxygenation barge built by McTay Marine with liquid oxygen stored in a tank. Liquid oxygen is passed through an electrically heated vapouriser and the gas is injected into a stream of water which is pumped from, and returned to, the bay.

Benefits Of Aeration And Overseeding

Historically the Bay’s oyster population was in the tens of billions, and they circulated the entire Bay volume in a matter of days. Due to pollution, disease and over-harvesting their population are a fraction of their historic levels.

Water that was once clear for meters is now so turbid and sediment ridden that a wader may lose sight of their feet before their knees are wet. Oxygen is normally supplied by “Submerged Aquatic Vegetation” watering times via photosynthesis but pollution and sediments have reduced the plant population as well. Resulting in a reduction of dissolved oxygen levels rendering areas of the bay unsuitable for aquatic life.

Researchers have proposed that oxygenation through artificial means as a solution to help improve water quality. of hypoxic water bodies seems an appealing solution and it has been tried successfully many times on freshwater ponds and small lakes.

7 Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

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Soil cores should be left on the lawn to be broken up by rainfall and traffic. If their appearance bothers you, you can speed up their disappearance by raking them into the grass. Whichever machine you use, go over the lawn twice, once in one direction, and then in a perpendicular direction for best results. Loosens compacted soil and increases the availability of water and nutrients.

Your Guide To Lawn Aeration

First, the coring aerators available to rent are not professional quality, and will provide substandard results. Second, you’ll pay almost as much for the rental as you would for a professional service, plus you’ll have to do all of the work yourself. The penetration depth depends on soil type, soil moisture, tine diameter, and the weight and power of the aerifier.


As part of our landscape healthcare program, our annual lawn how to regrow grass promotes a stronger, healthier landscape by essentially helping it to eat, drink and breathe. It even encourages stronger resistance to drought and heat for year-round protection. Knowing if and when to aerate your lawn really depends on the health of the grass and your lawn’s soil. There’s no need to own the mack daddy of lawn aeration equipment outright because you won’t aerate your lawn all that frequently.

Rent the equipment from a local hardware store, or hire a local landscaper. If you have a clay loam or clay heavy soil, you should evaluate the need to aerate each season. If you have softer soils, it’s a good idea to check, but if your soil and grass are healthy, you likely don’t need to aerate. Summer’s extreme conditions can take a toll on your grass and its health. Take some time to learn how to bring your lawn back to life. This handy guide teaches you what needs to be done for a full fall recovery. Aeration is also a big player in enhancing thatch breakdown and removing thatch .

This issue might mean that your lawn has a thatch problem, and water is not dispersing into the soil as it should. Liquid creates microscopic holes deep in the soil that act as a sponge to absorb nutrients and retain water. Imagine a healthier, more beautiful lawn without the need for extra watering or excessive treatment.