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Remove any leaves and twigs that might have accumulated on your lawn over the winter using leaf rakes and similar tools. Cleaning up these old debris paves the way for easy application of herbicides and fertilizers. Under normal circumstances, you’ll only need to overseed twice a year unless your lawn suffered severe damage in winter. Spring is the season when your lawn needs maximum attention after it has endured all the harsh conditions of winter. Whatever you do during this season will determine how healthy or unhealthy your lawn looks for the next several months.

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Include separate samples for problem spots, such as bare areas or sections with unwanted lawn moss. Let the lab know you’re testing lawn areas; they can tailor recommendations to get your lawn on track for your plans. When it comes to turf, what happens above ground reflects what’s going on underneath. Located smack dab in the heartland of the midwest, St. Louis, MO gets hot, humid summers and frigid lawn brown spots but short-lived winters. Considered a weather transition zone, it is difficult to choose the perfect grass type that will survive and flourish in such temperatures. It’s up to you, St. Louis yard owners, to decide which of the area’s most popular grass choices will work for you. Rest easy knowing that the scheduling is done for you and that you have full flexibility to make changes at any time!

Get a custom quote for your property and service mix in minutes. Spreading fertilizer provides your spreader lawn with the nutrients it is deprived of in order to better the overall health of the grass.

From your first lawn through every lawn to come, you can count on Pennington’s premium grass seed products and educational resources to help you achieve the results you desire. Pennington is committed to growing the finest grass seed possible and helping you create and enjoy the lawn of your dreams. Lawn grasses grow best when watered deeply at less frequent intervals. Shallow, frequent watering encourages shallow roots susceptible to drought and other stress. With good watering practicesand water-conserving grass varieties, you can reduce consumption, save on bills and grow healthier, more resilient grass. Water Star® grasses, such as Pennington® Smart Seed® varieties, require up to 30 percent less water than ordinary grass seed, year after year.