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Add lime if it is below 6.0 and gardener’s sulfur if it is above 7.0. We use the best products and our system employs specialized equipment in order to control those pesky outdoor ticks and mosquitoes. Bugs and spiders aren’t exactly welcomed house guests. Featuring our exclusive Bug Guard perimeter pest control program, AAA , Inc. has a bug-free solution for your home’s property. We specialize in dealing with those pesky and annoying bugs in or around your home.

The water runs off of the first sponge and all over the table. The water is soaked into the second sponge, not a drop is lost. The first method is the best – especially if you have not yet trained your grass to make deep roots. There has been a lot of discussion about this in our forum.

I now think that a few dandelions poking up once in a while are kinda nice and I leave them alone. 1) Ever hear about centuries ago when people would salt the scott carears land so nothing would grow? As you use it, year after year, your soil becomes poorer and poorer. And another sponge, slightly damp – soft and well wrung out.

Greenside Lawn Care

Regardless of the season, there are general types of grasses guidelines to bear in mind. The following tips are largely drawn from the prolific writings of Sandra Mason, an extension lecturer of horticulture at the University of Illinois.

The lawn needs to be mowed all year long and having a strong lawn maintenance plan in place makes it easier to manager. Cutting the grass at the right height during the hot St. Louis summer can save a lawn. St. Louis will mow your lawn at the optimum height all summer long and follow a detailed lawn maintenance plan. If you are looking for a professional, reliable, experienced lawn service company to maintain your lawn, then give St. Louis Lawn Care a call. Finally, be sure to pick the best type of lawn mower for your property. There are several different types of lawn mowers to choose from depending on the size of your lot, how many intricacies your yard has, and whether you have to deal with hills or not.