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This summer I had a large project done by them and the division is just great. They removed a patio, and tie wall then installed a new trash pad, installed a new Belgard paver patio on top of the wall they installed. Everything went smooth except they found drainage pipes under the concrete so that had to be pulled up and new stuff put in. That was extra but other than that clean-up was great and the guys were always professional and in uniforms every day. Spruce up your outdoor space with products handpicked by HGTV editors. Make the outdoors an extension of your home with smart hardscaping solutions. We share our top tips for transforming your front or backyard into a go-to destination.

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Everyone’s safety is our top priority and while we continue to provide amazing services we will be using extra precautions and the proper approved cleaning products. At Shelton Landscape & Maintenance we will help you create individual beauty to your life and home by providing innovative services and high quality products. All of our endeavors are based on a foundation of family values, quality services, and customer satisfaction.

That same patch of grass with well-placed accents such as walkways, stairs, patios, fire pits or water features is an expression of a homeowner’s good taste and pride in their property. To take your property from “whatever” to “wow factor,” call St. Louis Select weed begone max in High Ridge, Missouri for a consultation on concrete and stone hardscapes. The trend mentioned earlier toward home buyers seeking year-round interest is worth expanding upon. For instance, you can create winter scenes through the employment of hardscape design elements such as stone walls, gazebos, and arbors. To soften up such hardscape features, include tall ornamental grasses or other graceful elements. In fact, even without the hardscape elements, the tall grasses can provide you with wintertime beauty in the yard.

Timberline Landscapes

A traditional garden and landscape company with an interest in urban beautification. For example, turf areas and shrub areas should always be separated into different hydrozones because of their differing water needs. Different plants require different soil conditions, so it’s best to choose a mulch how often to fertilize lawn type based on plant varieties and their soil needs. Organic mulch such as hardwood chips, straw, leaves, pine needles, or grass clippings will help improve the condition of soil, by adding nutrients as it decomposes. Inorganic mulches like rocks, pebbles, or gravel may help to eliminate weeds.

Avoid using rock mulches in sunny areas or around non-arid climate plants, as they radiate large amounts of heat and promote water loss that can lead to scorching. Soil can become compacted during home construction or from normal foot traffic. Aerating your soil with a simple lawn aerator can increase the infiltration of water into the ground, improving water flow to the plant’s root zone and reducing water runoff. This lawn that combines green space perfect for coaching soccer with the surrounding area using low water use shrubs. A walking path with gravel and pervious pavers allows for extra infiltration.

Modern farmhouse yards mix the rustic and traditional feel of the farmhouse with modern elements, like grasses, climate-adapted plants, angular pavers, and abundant hardscaping. Just as you might have guessed, Southwestern landscapes recall the colors, textures, and forms of America’s Southwest. Based in South Saint Louis City we are focused on delivering beautification through creating and maintaining local city gardens and landscapes in both public and private settings.