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We are very reliable, and show up when you need us most. Call today for more information about our snow removal service. St. Louis snow removal involves snow plowing from asphalt, and snow shoveling and snow blowing from sidewalks and other areas. We also offer salt, and ice melt services to prevent ice from freezing on walking areas. Fungus and disease can wreak havoc on lawns during the summer. The summers in St. Louis will stress your lawn out and allow lawn fungus and disease to take over. St. Louis when to plant bermuda grass offers fungicide applications to help prevent fungus and disease from taking over your lawn.

St. Louis tall fescue seed’s service area is not limited to the areas listed above. If you live in and around the St. Louis area call for a free estimate for lawn service. St. Louis Lawn Care services all areas in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Located in Celina, Ohio, we service the Mercer, Auglaize and Allen County areas. Our tree & shrub program is sure to make your landscape look better than it every has before. The only lawn disease to look out for during winter is Fairy Rings—typically caused by thick layers of thatch.

Always use sharp mower blades to ensure that you’re cutting and not tearing the grass. Dull blades can harm and increase stress to your grass which is exactly what you want to avoid with all the unforgiving summer heat.

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Covering rocket mass heaters, rocket stoves, hot water and a collection of techniques to make wood burning stoves about ten times more efficient. Some commentary and animation have been added to clarify some of the workshop points, but overall, this is still just a video of a workshop made with a handheld camera. Here is a page called organic weed and feed granules tips that I like.

A weed eater emits 21 times more and a leaf blower 34 times more. Over 70 million tons of fertilizers and pesticides are applied to residential lawns and gardens annually. The average suburban lawn received 10 times as much chemical pesticide per acre as farmland. You may love mowing your Atlanta lawn, you may dread mowing your lawn, or you may have someone else mow your lawn. In any case, there is an art and a science to keeping an Atlanta lawn healthy. Refer us to friends, family members, and co-workers. We are incredibly confident in the quality and value of our services and would welcome the opportunity to make a similar offer to any referrals we receive from you.

Please take a look at this thread of discussion I’ve been in on overseeding in our lawn care forum. Improve your soil and your existing grass will thrive.

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The only way to reduce a dependence on chemical fertilizers is to develop a healthy lawn that is naturally resistant to weeds, insects, and lawn reseeding diseases. If you need to fertilize your lawn more than once a year, consider these ways of improving the natural health of your lawn.

Much of the environmental cost associated with can be avoided. Per hour of operation, a gas lawn mower emits times as much hydrocarbon as a typical auto.