St Louis Lawn Maintenance Schedule, Lawn Care Schedule

Water in the lawn evaporates faster as the day goes on and temperatures rise. The best time of day to water your lawn is early mornings, between dawn and 10 a.m. Lawn Love connects you with a St. Louis lawn care provider based on the services you need and your location. We provide the benefit of having hundreds of lawn pros on our platform to choose from, each with different skills and experience, and all local to St. Louis.

Although that part is important, it is equally important to thoroughly wet the roots. Since grass types vary in root length, make sure you know what type of reseeding a lawn grass you have and how long the roots are. An easy way to tell is to pull up a small portion of the lawn with a shovel to check the length of the roots.

Use a screwdriver or icepick to gauge how far down the soil has been moistened after grass clippings watering. The time of day you water your lawn plays an integral part in its health.

St Louis Lawn Maintenance Schedule, Lawn Care Schedule

We are very reliable, and show up when you need us most. Call today for more information about our snow removal service. St. Louis snow removal involves snow plowing from asphalt, and snow shoveling and snow blowing from sidewalks and other areas. We also offer salt, and ice melt services to prevent ice from freezing on walking areas. Fungus and disease can wreak havoc on lawns during the summer. The summers in St. Louis will stress your lawn out and allow lawn fungus and disease to take over. St. Louis when to plant bermuda grass offers fungicide applications to help prevent fungus and disease from taking over your lawn.

St. Louis tall fescue seed’s service area is not limited to the areas listed above. If you live in and around the St. Louis area call for a free estimate for lawn service. St. Louis Lawn Care services all areas in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Located in Celina, Ohio, we service the Mercer, Auglaize and Allen County areas. Our tree & shrub program is sure to make your landscape look better than it every has before. The only lawn disease to look out for during winter is Fairy Rings—typically caused by thick layers of thatch.

Always use sharp mower blades to ensure that you’re cutting and not tearing the grass. Dull blades can harm and increase stress to your grass which is exactly what you want to avoid with all the unforgiving summer heat.