What Is Lawn Aeration And What Types Of Aeration Are There?

Breaking these layers of dead grass down is important as thatch can prevent the lawn’s healthy portion of grass from receiving rain and nutrients. If you are ready to make your fall core weed and feed fall and overseeding appointment, call us at Tee Time Lawn Care today or fill out our contact form. Our experts at Tee Time will give you instructions to water your lawn frequently to help the new grass seed grow.

An early spring aeration is critical, as root growth tends to accelerate during this time of year. Lawns also grow very quickly from April through June, and need oxygen and nutrients, which aeration helps with.

After aerating, it’s important to continue basic lawn care practices such as proper fertilizing, mowing and watering. Thatch is layers of dead grass that can accumulate on your customer’s lawn and can build up a thick layer.

What Is Lawn Aeration And What Types Of Aeration Are There?

Aerating after a herbicide application can reduce the chemical barrier formed by the herbicide, allowing weeds to germinate. Applying fertilizer after aeration helps the lawn compete against weeds. Water the lawn after aeration, particularly in areas where drought and high temperatures are common.

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Ryan® tow-behind aerators are the right choice for fast, efficient aerating of large residential properties, sports tall fescue grass seed fields and golf courses. It’s best to aerate before you apply pre-emergence herbicides, rather than after.