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If you still have questions about solid-tine and hollow-tine mulch calculator yards or are unsure about the best way to maintain your lawn, contact Cardinal Lawns for more information and a consultation. It’s best to save solid-tine aeration when there’s not a lot of compaction. It’s more of a temporary fix for areas that need a quick pick-me-up—usually right after a backyard event or hot, dry spell.

The ultimate goal of webworms in grass is to help us utilize water more wisely and use less chemical weed controls. A close look at healthy soils reveals a complex web of life. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are constantly working to break down organic matter into usable forms of nitrogen. Aeration is your solution to keep your customer’s lawn’s appearance healthy along with saving them from any unnecessary expenses. Overall, your lawn will become stronger and be able to handle incidents of stress, or overuse. It will also be able to handle extreme heat or lack of water. Overseeding can introduce new grass seed to fill in bare areas and thicken existing turf.