The 10 Best Lawn Care Services In Saint Louis, Mo 2021

As you can imagine, your lawn also is likely to suffer the most during this time due to the longer and drier days as well as increased foot traffic. But don’t worry as we’re about to show you easy tips to help you keep this space in its best possible condition. Later on in spring, you may consider using post-emergent herbicides to control any grassy or broadleaf weeds that often show up during summer. As the spring weather warms the soil, earthworms and other bugs emerge toward the upper soil levels—but moles can return as well. Moles attack and damage the root systems of lawns in their search for worms and other food.

Excessive accumulation of these materials will eventually suffocate your lawn as they block vital sunlight rays and trap excessive moisture. When it comes to lawn maintenance, the majority, if not all, of us do it with summer in mind. It is during this season that lawns are used intensively as nearly everyone is spending more time outdoors and having lots of fun.

For smaller lawns, power rakes are an easier alternative. You’ll have more hand control when you remove material from your lawn. As we just mentioned, fall is the most crucial time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming colder temperatures. To boost grass growth, you should first remove thatch – the build-up that accumulates over your lawn. While you should dethatch in every season, fall generally produces the most thatch, usually small branches and fallen leaves.