The 10 Best Lawn Care Services In St Louis, Mo From $30

Our highly professional staff is prepared to diagnose and handle all problems that may arise during the best time to seed lawn course of the year. Expect us to have quality people and materials on your lawn during every visit.

Our lawn technicians understand the products we use, the optimum application procedures, and all the needs to obtain a healthy lawn. We understand your trees and shrubs are more than just lawn accents. Give them the love they deserve with our unique tree and shrub care program. Unique Lawn Care provides a mosquito control program that will eliminate and prevent them on the spot.

Is your house being bombarded with annoying pests like ants, spiders or other irritating bugs? Learn more about our effective perimeter pest control plan. Remove the poop, dig an inch into the soil and mix sawdust into the soil. This is the same as solution 2, but the sawdust will be more effective this way. For dog pee, the grass is tall enough that it hides the dead spot.