The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration »

Early Fall– This early Fall fertilizer will help green up the grass and help the lawn to recover st augustine sod from any Summer stress. Also, broadleaf weeds that are present will be controlled.

Early Summer– The early Summer application provides a balanced slow release Summer fertilizer that will help maintain the color of your lawn without pushing growth. This application also contains broadleaf weed control and a safe insect control to protect from surface feeding insects. Late Spring/Early Summer– The late Spring application will provide a Spring fertilizer with bio-nutrients, a post emergent herbicide for broadleaf weed control. This will promote a healthy lawn, an additional pre-emergent herbicide will help to control any crabgrass and weeds that may still come up and control broadleaf weeds. Overseeding after the that creates the ideal situation to promote seed germination which results in a thicker, healthier, and lusher lawn.