The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration »

If those roots only extend into the first couple inches of soil, it’s time to aerate. Almost all lawns will benefit from , but a great lawn demands it. Any lawn seeing high traffic, excessive thatch or heavy soils will benefit most from a good round of aeration. You’ve mowed and watered correctly and taken care of those grubs and ants. It’s a healthy lawn, but you’re still struggling to take your lawn to that next level of perfection.

If your home was custom-built, your soil was likely compacted during the construction process, which can strangle roots mushroom in grass and prevent adequate growth. As we go from summer to fall, it’s the perfect time to consider aerating and its benefits.

Your lawn specialist will remove small plugs of turf, thatch and soil from your lawn. Aeration immediately opens up the soil to air, water, and nutrients. The openings allow air penetration and better water movement, and give plant roots a place to stretch out and grow to become more vigorous and dense. After you aerate, you can apply a high-quality nitrogen-based fertilizer for optimal results. When you fertilize your lawn, it helps to promote a more vibrant green color.