The Best 10 Landscaping In Saint Louis, Mo

Looking to improve your but suffer from a black thumb? You’ll never have to worry about these tough-as-nails shrubs.

Chris Lambton explains the importance of plant selection and placement. Egypt explains why landscaping is a key component of any house flip. Kimberly Lacy shows how to make a slope as attractive as the rest of your yard. Control the climate around a home by planting an effective windbreak.

They are reasonable with price and you feel safe doing business with them. The previous owners of our house had a contract with Metro which we have continued now for 24 years. They have been extremely reliable, punctual, professional and responsive. • Home and business owners who spend just 5% of their property’s value on the exterior grounds can enjoy a return of investment as high as 150%. • resources, when done right, can increase a property’s value by as much as 12%. St. Louis County has the highest income in the state but a potentially-weaker-than- average real estate market.