The Best Time To Aerate Your Yard Depending On Your Needs

With severe thermal stratification in a lake, the quality of drinking water also can be adversely affected. One of the drawbacks to fine bubble is that the membranes of ceramic diffusers can sometimes clog and must be cleaned in order to keep them working at their optimum efficiency. Also, they do not possess the ability to mix as well as other aeration techniques, such as coarse bubble aeration. Finally, once at home, many people find that performing the aeration is a lot more work than they bargained for.

Many types of linked here equipment have been used to reduce or eliminate thermal stratification. Aeration has met with some success, although it has rarely proved to be a panacea. Natural resource and environmental managers have long been challenged by problems caused by thermal stratification of lakes. Fish die-offs have been directly associated with thermal gradients, stagnation, and ice cover. Excessive growth of plankton may limit the recreational use of lakes and the commercial use of lake water.